Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Give me some time to introduce myself

First on foremost welcome to my blog. This is for anyone who is starting out the process of learning to cook after years of having your mother do it for you! I think most people go through the process of learning to make something other than Hamburger Helper and Ramen Noodles, staples in the typical life of a college student. Upon marrying my one and only it became increasingly evident that cooking was no longer optional. In order to live out the death do us part section of the vows, I had to first muster enough courage to not kill him with the meals. He will say the fist year we lived together it was an endless cycle of Hamburger Helper meals, hamburger patties, and spaghetti. NOTE the strong occurance of hamburger. So with that said....I have been slowly learning and adding to my arsenal of recipes with the help of Rachael Ray and Kraft Foods.

Feel free to take the recipes you find here and try them in your own home!!!!

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  1. Hi Jora,
    Just as you slowly add to your cooking repetoire, you will slowly add to your 'followers'. Looking forward to reading through your entire blog and seeing how a Charlotte newlywed adapts. Keep up the great work.
    David (Manning, SC)